Songs of Will T. Massey — “Old Blue”

Young Will T. Massey

We’re reaching way back to Will’s first cassette, Pickin’ Poker, and Pick-up Trucks, for this one. Recorded while he was still in school in San Angelo, that first release featured a young fellow just starting as a singer-songwriter, showing some promise in the mix of tunes.

This is a heartbreak song from a high schooler, aiming and aching for more, drawing on his country roots to craft a catchy little tune.

Hard to go wrong with a country song about a dog named Old Blue!

Well, she liked my pickin’ and my pick-up truck,
Said they was something she’d never known
But her wonder wore off between my jobs
And she left me all alone.
Yes, I woke up in an empty bed this morning,
She wrote me a long letter,
Said she liked my boots
But she liked the bucks better.

Well, I guess it had something to do with last night
When I asked her for a loan.
‘Cuz I was out of Jack Daniels and the mortgage was due
And the winter was a-coming on.
Yeah, now I hear she’s riding ’round in a Mercedes-Benz
With some dude in a polo sweater.
Yeah, she liked my boots
But she liked the bucks better.

Well, on the night she left,
A stray dog came by,
Lord, he looked like he needed a friend.
Well, I needed one, too,
So I called him Old Blue
And I took the old boy in.

Now, we just sit around the fire, I throw him a scrap
And he howls when I play the blues.
Yeah, I knew he can understand,
I think he’s lost him a female, too.
Yeah, he’s always got one standing ear
And he’s helping me to forget her.
‘Cause she liked my boots
But she liked the bucks better.

Well, maybe someday, I’ll have a big hit
And the bucks’ll come rolling in.
She’ll see my name at the top of the page
And come back around again.
And I’ll hold her real close, slip Blue a wink,
And whisper, “I’ve still got your letter.
And I like your kissing, babe,
But I like Old Blue a lot better!”

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